Radiopuhelimet: Jäätie -The Painting Sellers making of video

In Taulukauppiaat (The Painting Sellers) there is a scene where the main character Toni (Teppo Manner) goes to gig of Radiopuhelimet, a unique band that we all adore. We shot the material during a gig of the band in Bar Saha Iisalmi in 7th of January 2010. Editor Jussi Rautaniemi edited a kind of “making of/music video” from the material of the gig and short ends from the shot material. I should rather say “short beginnings” of the film, because the material used mostly concists of seconds just before “action”. This making of video is shot entirely on 16mm.

The scene from gig is only about twenty seconds long in the actual film. We also wanted to add a full version of a live performed song of this band to our dvd extras.

See you on the next gig: 4.6. Oulu (Nuclear Nightclub) and 10.7. Helsinki (On the Rocks).

Click this to go to the video

Radiopuhelimet homepage


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