Off to Torino

Mikko ja Juho scrippitchMikko Myllylahti and Juho Kuosmanen have participated Torino Script&Pitch program this year with our project The Happiest Day in the life of Olli Mäki. The first two workshops in May and June were concentrating more on the treatment and the script, but the last one in Torino is more about pitching and one to one meetings. Juho and Mikko are heading to Torino on Friday and I will be there on Saturday evening. Sunday is for pitch preparation and from Monday on it’s pitching and meetings. I will leave to Finland on Wednesday and the guys are leaving on Thursday. Hopefully we have time to taste some Barolo and Barbaresco also since we are quite close to the regions. I think we could use a glass of wine after a day of meetings. We haven’t even left Finland, but our meeting schedule is almost fully booked. 30 meetings in two days. As we have almost confirmed the domestic funding for the film, we are looking for internation companionship, especially sales agents and broadcasters. The film is going to be shot in Autumm next year and it will be finished in spring 2016.

You can find our project from the catalogue on page 36-37

P.S. As you can see from the way they look in the photo, Juho is taking notes on his mac and Mikko uses  a quill on a parchment. The picture was taken in the second workshop in a town in France which is too hard for us to pronounce.


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