Aamu Film Company Ltd was founded in 2001, and we have produced both fiction and documentary films in various lengths. We have both won prizes and made mistakes – and fortunately learned from both of them.

Over the years, we have noticed that the art of cinema is serious fun. If we do not like something, we do not do it. But when we do, we give it all. We aim to build long relationships with directors and screenwriters who have a unique approach to filmmaking. We usually start from short films and proceed to international feature films in order to make their style, content and ensemble to reach their peak.

We know that content always shapes the form. We know that every film making process has to be custom-made for the content in question.

We have an office in Herttoniemi in Helsinki with four independent screenwriters. We like Carcassonne board games, free diving, good wine, wine and going to the Midnight Sun Film Festival.