Video: The Painting Sellers in Cannes 2010

A short video edited from the materials shot in Cannes 2010. Material was mostly shot in the after party of TAULUKAUPPIAAT world premiere 20th of May. We had a world premiere reception in the Garden marquee of Grand hotel. Buenos Airolas, a band of Tuomas Airola, who also plays one of the main characters in the film and his two daughters, played in the coctail party. The same Volkswagen LT which was in the film was also parked in garden of the hotel. It made it. We got permission from the Hotel and permission from the police to drive on the main road. We also had a real painting seller named Pab there. He was doing paintings from movieposters and selling them on the streets. Our script writer and cinematorgapher Jp met him and invited him to our party.

After the reception we parked volskwagen “Grand Azur” on the main road of Cannes La Crosette. We had a permission from the police to drive on the main streets during that one day so we had a change party around the car very close to the festival palais even after the reception. All the other cars driving the main road were mostly limousines. We found a perfect spot between two black BMW’s and had a party there until morning. Buenos Airolas kept playing and we also met a couple of street musicians who were eager to join us. We spent the night listening to music and serving rose vine and Jallu to people passing by.

Some of the material is also shot in the award ceremony of Cinefondation and in the party arranged by Cinefondation on Friday, day after our world premiere. Last shots are from after after party in the morning. The video is edited by Jussi Rautaniemi and it is shot with multiple pocket cameras by who ever had some battery left.

Click here for the video

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