About writing proposals

In the couple of past weeks I’ve done loads of applications, entries, submissions… to grants, to co-financing forums, to festivals. Worked with written and oral proposals. I’ve been teaching a lot about this stuff, but with the hands on work made me notice some minor stuff, that is worth while mentioning, one might not come to think of. Before it’s too late…

Synopsis – you are always asked to send a synopsis with any entry and usually it’s never the length you have written already. These different lengths aren’t made up to drive you crazy, the different funds, organizations or investors have different needs. Find out if they will publish the synopsis, or is it for them only.  Consider that also when writing your version. Don’t only shorten your longer ones, but really re-write the different lengths. The older versions you can of course use as basis, but don’t use copy/ paste.

As you write those 150 words, 300 words, 500 characters or any other length, save all of them and name the files also with the length.  Sounds like an obvious thing to do, but it has been surprisingly often I’ve been trying to find the particular version only to find files like syn1, syn2 etc. Naming is especially crucial, when you have many writers to work with on a same project. Agree on beforehand how versions are named.

The same goes to CV’s of the team and company profile’s – save different versions, and your task to fulfil different sites requirements gets significantly easier in time.


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